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EE Delivers Wifi Calls!

Finally, several months after Tim Cook advertised the feature, EE iPhone customers are now able to make mobile phone calls from wifi networks and continue conversation on walking out on cellular network. Brilliant!


Save More Time

Clinicians all work differently. Some are time efficient, others manage time badly. EMRs can same time when used well. Most have time saving features built-in, but clinicians remain oblivious to them. They end up blaming the system for their lack of awareness.

ClinicYou has an important time-saving feature which is not immediately apparent to users: you can go to the last patient's medical records you were working on easily by clicking on the EMR button (just click it - don't hover for a menu).


See Today's Appointments Easily!

Here at ClinicYou, we are always trying to save time for our users.

Several months ago, we implemented changes to search for a patient easily when you are within another patient's medical records. This worked very well - clinicians and support staff could call up patients based on name, address, telephone number etc. from the unified search field on the EMR page. Yet, to see the day's appointments, clinicians had to navigate to the scheduler. Now, with a single click, a clinician can see all patients on the list today - and select their medical records. 

We hope you like this new feature. There are many more in the offing, including updates to our iOS apps. 


Visual Scheduler Release!

Many customers asked for a simple, visual take on our automated, capacity managing EMR patient scheduler. We have delivered. It will be released around 5 am BST tomorrow.

All of your exisitng appointments will be migrated to a drag and drop enabled, simple, visual calendar interface. To start using the scheduler, you will need to create some appointment types first, the instructions will be on screen when you try to access the scheduler. Apart from this, the new system offers complete flexibility and ease of use that many customers asked for. Enjoy!



Does Healthcare IT Improve Communication?

Does healthcare IT improve clinician-to-clinician communication? 2013 iHIT Survey results scream yes! ClinicYou users are benefiting from built in collaboration tools that speed up clinician-to-clinician communication.

Sadly many clinicians are yet to realise the benefits of IT in improving working lives. Many still insist on delivering clinic letters printed on thick, expensive stationary with embossed letterheads, oblivious to the fact that the recipient is likely to see a scanned digital copy rather and their pricey paper is going to end up shredded!