About Us

Welcome to the official web log from ClinicYou Ltd., a UK based medical software company specialising in web-based medical records system and cloud-connected iOS applications. Our flagship product, ClinicYou Web-based EMR and Practice Management solution is a subscription based software as a service (SaaS) that allows clinicians to manage their clinical workflows, patient scheduling and invoicing. ClinicYou also has a patient sign-on portal with several functionalities including secure communication with clinical teams.

ClinicYou uses a social media algorithm to speed up teamworking and clinical communcation. With its simple subscription model, it is easy to computerise your medical practice in just a few clicks. ClinicYou application is open to allied specialties such as Physiotherapists, Nurse Specialists, Psychologists and Dietitians. 

Do you deal with patients? ClinicYou is for you. Do you work in a multidisciplinary team? ClinicYou is absolutely the right tool to manage your practice. 

Welcome to the next generation clinical information system.