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New Feature Release!

You asked, we delivered. Today, we have made an often requested feature live. You are now able to add a patient from within a network to your own patient list, so that you do not have to search for the patient across the network each time to write in their notes. To use this feature, once you find a networked patient, click the 'Options' popup menu next to patient name and address and the option to add the patient to your list is right there. This will make actions like medical billing, creating and maintaining electronic medical records easier.

Add to list interface Add to list interface

In addition, we have a slew of new features and housekeeping updates en route over the next few weeks, including ability to create custom web forms and make it available to patients to fill in through their portal - imagine being able to have patients view and fill in custom questionnaires and file these straight in the Documents section of the EPR. This has the potential to transform how you use ClinicYou.


New Scheduling Enhancements

Based on customer feedback, we will soon start work on revamping our ClinicYou scheduler. Being a web-based software, all users gain from enhancements from the day of release. No updates necessary unlike installed systems. Watch this space for more announcements on this in the coming weeks.

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