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Does Healthcare IT Improve Communication?

Does healthcare IT improve clinician-to-clinician communication? 2013 iHIT Survey results scream yes! ClinicYou users are benefiting from built in collaboration tools that speed up clinician-to-clinician communication.

Sadly many clinicians are yet to realise the benefits of IT in improving working lives. Many still insist on delivering clinic letters printed on thick, expensive stationary with embossed letterheads, oblivious to the fact that the recipient is likely to see a scanned digital copy rather and their pricey paper is going to end up shredded!


EMR Design Challenge

As many of you design aficionados out there would know, the White House set an EMR redesign challenge as mentioned here. We all know, for reasons best known to themselves, most EMR and EHR vendors gloss over desgin, and produce garish offerings the world over. UK general practice medical information systems are a good example anyday.

It is heartening to see the result of the design challenge. As you would expect, ClinicYou web EMR solution already matches many of the design elements on print and on screen. And we are committed to making things even better. Design remains a central theme of ours.

Welcome to design-led EMR solution, say no to ugly software.


Merry Christmas!

ClinicYou wishes all of our customers and future customers the very best this holiday season, and the New Year. We look forward to working with you to make your professional lives better, more inspired.


What's News?

A lot of tasty recipes are in the oven at ClinicYou. Some are essentials like freshly baked bread and butter. Towards the end of this year, we might well be on a more up-to-date, easily scalable server platform for instance. Others are more exciting and exotic from an end-user perspective. We will soon be revising our core web app and iOS apps. Some cool functionalities and designs are being dreamed up at ClinicYou for the iOS apps.

Operationally, we look forward to welcoming a large, ground breaking clinical operation from London onboard ClinicYou. This multi-clinician, multi-specialty start up aims to deliver quality assured private healthcare in the nation's capital for an affordable tariff. Their vision and taste for all things cool is very visible from the way they decorate their premises to their choice of EMR and practice management platform - ClinicYou.

Overall, we expect to close 2012 with some super offerings. Watch this space.


Grow Your Practice 

It is true, ClinicYou can actually help grow your practice. You can create a unique web page out of the box to show case the services that you offer. Then there is the facility to collaborate with your clinical colleagues, even those who do not use ClinicYou. Plus the ability to network with other neighbouring clinics to work as a part of a wider team. No other practice management software offers so many ways for expanding and growing your clinical practice.