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Brand-site Refresh Now Complete

We are celebrating British quirkiness, as showcased at the 2012 Olympics opening ceremony. As a ClinicYou user, you have already shunned  bad software and have adopted an elegant, clean and design-led work tool. You will settle for nothing less. Now be reminded of what you have done - you rock!
We realise that some of your colleagues may not be on the same wavelength. Why not direct them to for a lighter take on medical software design?
The swan artwork is the creation of Gordon Hurdon, one the UK's leading graphics professionals. He creates these exqusite birds using Adobe Illustrator, painstakingly drawing each feather as a vector image. ClinicYou salutes attention to detail and professionalism - and great British craftsmanship. 

Customer Wow

Here at ClinicYou, we believe in working with our customers to enhance their user experience, canvas inside knowledge of features that are important in their daily work and deliver game changing software tools for clinical practice. Since we spend a lot of time thinking through user experience and interface, our elegantly designed software are highly intuitive on all platforms. To further our goal of delivering customer wow, and to learn from our customers, we have decided to create a knowledge-base and a dedicated support portal for ClinicYou. This is now live here.

Besides helping delivering our vision of affordable, easy to use web-based clinical practice management software, this will certainly make life easier for our support agents. After all, that's what ClinicYou is all about - saving time and allowing you to get on with our primary purpose on this planet - living life to the full.


Making Our Web-based EMR Better

We are hard at work on a slew of things. Among these are some fantastic changes to the shceduler, a slicker registration process, and a surprise - so game changing that we cannot even publish this here ahead of release. Rest assured that we are committed to the ClinicYou web EMR platform and will work tirelessly to make things better and more accessible to clinical community large and small. 


Patient Portraits In EMR

Three's no disputing postive identification measures in medical records will reduce clinical errors. ClinicYou always had patient portraits built into medical records and the iPhone app allowed you to securely upload a portrait of your patient to the medical record. However, we realised that the protrait was hidden away to be of good use. With today's update, we have made this much more useful. We hope you have been using the iPhone app to capture patient portraits - this is a great positive identification measure. In a poll, 100% of patients agreed to their picture being used in this way. Some even contributed their preferred portraits. 


Faster Clinical Updates

Our users love the Clinical Updates feature of ClinicYou. When a clinician writes in a patient's medical record (EMR), all other associated clinicians involved in the patient's care are automatically notified by email (of course sensitive medical information is not part of these mailings).

When the other clinicians sign in, every update is displayed in their home page. This facility is now even faster and more responsive - and more usable. We will strive to achieve a better user experience.