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Adoption of EMRs - A Generational Thing?

The clinical community is known for its resistance to paperless workflows and suspicious attitude to technology. However, it would seem a lot of this is a generational thing and change is already underway. 

Newer graduates often express their frustration in having to work with software seemingly created before the new millennium. One even has acquired the word 'Millennium' to its name, to celebrate the fact that four digit year fields were added.

The younger generation fo doctors and nurses grew up using tools that are well designed, intuitive and pleasant to use, so it is no wonder they feel the pain when they experience the pathetic design and user-experience commonly seen in most EMR software out there. They would like software that seamlessly drive their workflows without getting in the way - like most other software they have used. They will want light, agile, hardware platforms and  not black boxes chained to desks. They want innovative products that work together and transcends boundaries. 

Disappearing are the days when clinicians resisted electronic workflows. Provided the software tools on offer are innovative and modern, new entrants to the medical profession will wholeheartedly embrace paperless workflows. Here at ClinicYou, we are hard at work creating a clinical software platform for seamless workflows, improving clinical collaboration, whilst concentrating on a pleasant user experience.  We invite all like minded clinicians to try our flagship web based EMR software. 


EMR Meet Social Network

Of all our many features, the unique social media paradigm of collaborating on clinical records is a big hit. The ClinicYou EHR is a powerful platform for clinical collaboration, especially for multidisciplinary teams. Using a unique paradigm of 'Professional Networking', health records can be shared in a need to know basis, without having to separately generate a clinical communication such as a letter. Medical records can even be sent to clinicians who do not use our software - both by any of the clinicians involved in patient's care or by patients themselves.

All of the clinicians who have been resposible for the patient's care will be notified automatically when an entry is made in a patient's medical record. As a secondary reminder, these changes are highlighted in the clinician login page so that it is easy to access all these updates in one place. Thus, ClinicYou transforms how doctors, nurses and other healthcare professionals work. Quick, easy and efficient clinical information sharing as part of normal working practices - just like social networks inform your friends about things that are important to you, ClinicYou can automatically inform your colleagues when you make decisions on your patients.


Exciting New Things To Do

As most people are settling back into their lives and embracing the New Year,  we have been planning and developing some exciting new things.

Although very intuitive, we recognise that some key parts of our flagship medical information system (EMR)  - like its messaging, to do, clinic scheduling etc., out could well improve. Here at ClinicYou, we strive to achieve the best possible user experience in an EMR software currently available. We are therefore working on changing how we handle these. 

Our solution, which will make the pages less cluttered and load faster, is to replace the exisitng interface with a task bar (or perhaps a task strip is a better term) which will remain hidden from view when not needed and will give you quick and easy access to all these key features. Parts of this development are currently test ready and we hope to deploy this soon.

Stay tuned for this and other features related to usability and user experience in the near future. 


Happy New Year!

ClinicYou Ltd wishes all our customers a very happy and prosperous New Year. We look forward to working with you to enhance our web, iPad and iPhone EMR apps even further.


Like Cloud? Love ClinicYou. 

The new Apple iCloud service syncs all your precious photos, calendar, emails, contacts, documents seamlessly across your devices without any cables or needing to remember to click the 'sync button'. You can have access to your data on any device, at any time and place.

ClinicYou brings that to medical records. Cloud computing for healthcare is now primetime. There is no need to worry about clicking the 'sync button' and there are no cables or storage devices involved. You don't need to remember to carry storage accessories with you. You can view and edit clinical notes on the you go and be sure that you have them at the point of care.

Some clinicians run clinics at various sites and patients like the flexibility of being able to see clinician in the location of their choice. The clinician does not need to worry about transferring notes from one programme to another and clerical staff do not need to waste time searching for patient's notes. With ClinicYou, all the data are synced seamlessly across devices. Once you made an entry on one of the devices, this will be available instantly on all your devices without any actions required from you. Imagine all of your team members knowing what's going on instantly!

Have you ever worried about your devices being stolen or damaged and resultant data loss? No worries - with ClinicYou, all your data are kept safely and securely on our cloud servers and not on your devices. Whatever happens to your devices, you can be assured that data are secure in cloud. If you like cloud services, you will love ClinicYou.