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Web-based EMR Systems Explained

Web-based EMR systems are now real alternatives to on premise systems. Let us take care of your practice's IT - it is easy and affordable. Still puzzled and worried about this concept? Folks at have created a simple to follow video guide. Here it is with permission from the editor - enjoy. 


Physician Attitude Towards EMR

For a cohort people sourced from the top intellectual pool, who are accomplished and are often opinion leaders in their fields, when it comes to embracing electronic medical record systems most doctors are apprehensive and indecisive. Bizarrely, the very people who are aware of the immense benefits of easy information availability at points of decision making shy away from embracing technology to solve their problems.

What drives this mindless, morbid fear of technology when it comes to medical information systems? After all, doctors work with some of the cutting edge technology in imaging and biochemical testing as part of their jobs.

We believe that the main reason is historic failure of healthcare informatics projects to deliver easy to use clinical software tools designed with clinicians in mind. Badly designed, unintuitive software interfaces can kick a clinician back to start line when trying to make life and death decisions. It is no wonder why some physicians continue to clutch their paper folders, with all their shortcomings and safety issues.

ClinicYou web based EMR and practice management solution is easy to use and adopt, and requires little or no training. Without expensive software and hardware transition to make, adopting ClinicYou web-based EMR is an easy thing to do for individuals and practices. With all the tools you need in one place, you are up and running in next to no time.


New Brand Site. New Blog.

Hot on the heels of our iOS app release, we have made our new brand site and blog live also. The brand site is now much more informative and gives potential ClinicYou EMR users better insight into our flagship product, whilst the new blog platform allows our authors to publish articles on the go user modern tools. For completeness, we have brought some of the historic posts into our new platform. The new corporate site will reflect more closely that fast paced development and update cycles of ClinicYou web and iOS apps.

Our iPhone and iPad Apps Are Here!

At long last, we were able to satisfy Apple's reviewers that our fanatastic iOS apps are worthy of a place on the iTunes Store. They are now live on AppStores in all English speaking countries. These now join our family of passionately designed medical EMR software lineup - designed with ease of use in mind. ClinicYou Web-based EMR solution now have complementing iOS apps to make your lives that much more easier and pleasant.

Download iPad App here and iPhone App here.

We look forward to your feedback. 


Think Different

The work and life of Steve Jobs inspire us at ClinicYou Ltd. We are proud be be able to think different. We are proud to think out of the box and develop a new paradigm in healthcare information sharing. We believe there is a better, different way for clinicians to collaborate and share information. ClinicYou represents a new paradigm in healthcare computing.