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EHR Improves Quality Of Care

Gnerally it is difficult to measure cost savings and quality improvements gained by using electronic information systems for patient care (Electronic Health Records, EHR). The evidence is sparce not because of it is not there - critical studies are difficult to plan; most researchers would prefer to spend their time on pharmaceuticals.

Imagine the chaos if World's airlines decided to run their business from paper-based systems. Imagine trying to handle multimodality patient care from paper systems. It does not take much for most observers to see where the benefits can be, but 'evidence' obesessed clinical community and clinical managers delay embracing EHRs. A recent study published in the NEJM shows how EHR systems can improve quality of care in chronic disease. The authors state "We compared EHRs with paper-based records in a long-term regional collaborative that seeks to improve care and outcomes for patients with chronic conditions. EHR sites were associated with higher levels of achievement of and improvement in regionally vetted standards for diabetes care and outcomes". Read more here.

ClinicYou Web-based, patient-centred EHR software can help improve quality of care in chronic diseases such as diabetes by improving flow of communication between members of multidisciplinary teams. Visit to learn more.