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Get Rid Of Paper In Your Clinic

Reduce Paper Clutter in ClinicsClinicYou's built in patient document management workflow allows you to get rid of  paper and work in a clutter-free office. There are various ways of integrating paper into electronic workflows within ClinicYou. Whether you are a single-handed clinician or busy  multi-clinician practice, ClinicYou has ways of easily integrating paper documents into your electronic workflow. All you need is an inexpensive scanner to get rid of paper. Some clinicians even use iPhone scanner software to capture paper documents and attach them to ClinicYou patient records.

PDF documents and images can be attached to various parts of your electronic patient record - be it casenotes, results or in the documents section itself. This can be done by clinicians themselves or your secretarial staff, who can batch upload documents and mark it for the attention of various clinicians. Clinicians get a notification when documents are added for attention, and can review them remotely.

So, while some of your more old fashioned colleagues are struggling to locate that vital piece of paper, you will do so with just a few clicks. Since these can be filed in context sensitive way (like a referral letter attached to a new clinical clerking that a clinician make), very often you don't even need to search for documents - they are just there for you.

This is just another way your clinical practice becomes a whole lot more efficient and streamlined when you use ClinicYou web based patient record software.