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See Today's Appointments Easily!

Here at ClinicYou, we are always trying to save time for our users.

Several months ago, we implemented changes to search for a patient easily when you are within another patient's medical records. This worked very well - clinicians and support staff could call up patients based on name, address, telephone number etc. from the unified search field on the EMR page. Yet, to see the day's appointments, clinicians had to navigate to the scheduler. Now, with a single click, a clinician can see all patients on the list today - and select their medical records. 

We hope you like this new feature. There are many more in the offing, including updates to our iOS apps. 


Making Our Web-based EMR Better

We are hard at work on a slew of things. Among these are some fantastic changes to the shceduler, a slicker registration process, and a surprise - so game changing that we cannot even publish this here ahead of release. Rest assured that we are committed to the ClinicYou web EMR platform and will work tirelessly to make things better and more accessible to clinical community large and small.