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EMR Design Challenge

As many of you design aficionados out there would know, the White House set an EMR redesign challenge as mentioned here. We all know, for reasons best known to themselves, most EMR and EHR vendors gloss over desgin, and produce garish offerings the world over. UK general practice medical information systems are a good example anyday.

It is heartening to see the result of the design challenge. As you would expect, ClinicYou web EMR solution already matches many of the design elements on print and on screen. And we are committed to making things even better. Design remains a central theme of ours.

Welcome to design-led EMR solution, say no to ugly software.


Work & Play: The Beauty of ClinicYou

Beauty? Can that term be used to describe a software interface? Yes we can, when it comes to Clinical Information Systems! Compared to other EMR software out there, ClinicYou is pleasure to use. You will discover the beauty of ClinicYou as you use it. Every click has its purpose and will take you nearer to complete your task in hand, with very little thought needed. We have made the layout of this system based on web 2 UI design standards. Use social networking applications? - you already know how to use ClinicYou. Neat and elegant design will make you want to work with it, unlike most EHR software out there with design an afterthought. The more you use it, the more you will fall in love with it!

ClinicYou is designed and created by a clinicians, who have full understanding of what is needed in a EMR system for you to store and retrieve patient data, network with other healthcare professionals and this brings patient medical record system to a whole new level. Managing a patient in a multidisciplinary team is a breeze with ClinicYou. Now, you can also use your iPhone and iPad in addition to the web app to access your patient details securely.