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Faster, Optimised EMR

We are making several enhancements to the ClinicYou EMR system to improve user experience and speed. These changes are being tested on a staging server and will be released to the wild soon. Among the changes is the ability to select a new patient from within the EMR itself, without having to go to the search screen. The search screen will indeed remain in place should you wish to perform a more complex search than just the name and address. In our EMR section, you can even search for a disease code and find all patients that match the criteria.

web EMR search interface enhancement web EMR search interface enhancement


New Feature - Export Your Data

We do not recommend this for obvious reasons, but it is sometimes useful to export your data from ClinicYou for a number of reasons. To make this easier for users, we have created some data export routines. You can now export clinical activity, coding and financial data with ease. You can find this under My Account if you are the account holder. Select a date range to export and pick from one of the pre-configured export routines. When you are ready, click 'Go'. You will be asked to enter your password to continue for added security. Since the export may contain some patient identifiable data, make sure you do this on a private computer with adequate protection, and take good care of the file that is exported. Once the data leaves ClinicYou, it is no longer secure.

Export Clinic Activity Data from ClinicYou EMR


View Tasks And Appointments In EPR

We are pleased to announce a new and important feature. You can now view To Do and appointments associated with a patient within the Notes section of ClinicYou EPR (EMR). Why is this important? As you know, you need to mark a patient as 'Seen' to complete the medical billing workflow, so that an invoice item is generated. Marking the patient as 'seen' used to be an action your front desk staff can do from the calendar interface. Now, anyone can mark the patient as seen from within the EPR, thus clinicians can do this within a single screen if support staff are not present. Further, having linked To Do and forthcoming appointments clearly displayed further enhances clinical workflow and patient safety.

ClinicYou Web-based EMR ClinicYou Web-based EMR