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EMR Meet Social Network

Of all our many features, the unique social media paradigm of collaborating on clinical records is a big hit. The ClinicYou EHR is a powerful platform for clinical collaboration, especially for multidisciplinary teams. Using a unique paradigm of 'Professional Networking', health records can be shared in a need to know basis, without having to separately generate a clinical communication such as a letter. Medical records can even be sent to clinicians who do not use our software - both by any of the clinicians involved in patient's care or by patients themselves.

All of the clinicians who have been resposible for the patient's care will be notified automatically when an entry is made in a patient's medical record. As a secondary reminder, these changes are highlighted in the clinician login page so that it is easy to access all these updates in one place. Thus, ClinicYou transforms how doctors, nurses and other healthcare professionals work. Quick, easy and efficient clinical information sharing as part of normal working practices - just like social networks inform your friends about things that are important to you, ClinicYou can automatically inform your colleagues when you make decisions on your patients.