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Save More Time

Clinicians all work differently. Some are time efficient, others manage time badly. EMRs can same time when used well. Most have time saving features built-in, but clinicians remain oblivious to them. They end up blaming the system for their lack of awareness.

ClinicYou has an important time-saving feature which is not immediately apparent to users: you can go to the last patient's medical records you were working on easily by clicking on the EMR button (just click it - don't hover for a menu).


New Website And Blog

With our new iOS apps close to release, we are gearing up to refresh our brand website and blog platforms. Look out for beautifully minimal design and easy to read content layouts. Once we finish this current initiative, we will shift our attention to our web app to build in more features and speed enhancements. We at ClinicYou Ltd. are very excited about what's in the offing which is essentially a major redesign.