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AppStore Review Underway!

Our brand new iPhone and iPad apps have been submitted to Apple and should be available early next week. We are working hard to concurrently release our new look website at the same as the app release. Exciting times here at ClinicYou Ltd.!


Our New iPad EMR App

Our brand new iPad App is being tested and is due for release in the App Store very soon. It allows access to your date from our cloud EMR in one elegantly designed, fast app. The iPad app also has a little brother, which allows clinicians to quickly ring patients, take a portrait and attach that to medical records and verify demographics information. Watch this space for more news.


ClinicYou on iPad

The iPad is a great platform for healthcare computing. Though we are in the process of planning a native iPad application to complement ClinicYou, our web-based practice management and electronic patient records system, you can use the iPad right now to access your patient data on the go. Being web based, ClinicYou works very well on the iPad's Safari. Having no Flash content on the web application means that unlike some of our competitors who built their systems in Flash, you can use the iPad right now with ClinicYou. This includes charts and trend diagrams that are generated within the clinical EMR and practice finance details.

Practice Finance Dashboard on iPad Safari Practice Finance Dashboard on iPad Safari

Mobile Safari can access both clinician and patient portals of ClinicYou. Clinicians can read and modify most of the content on their portal. We are aware of an issue with the iPhone and iPad Safari and difficulties creating an EMR note currently - and are working on solving this issue. With more exciting developments coming almost every week, you can rest assured that ClinicYou will be a fantastic tool for you to manage your practice and patient information from a single interface.

Currently dictation workflow, apart from approving transcribed letters, is not possible from the iPad as voice capturing Java applet is not allowed to run on Mobile Safari browsers. In the native iPad app, we are likely to implement an alternative workflow to handle this.