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New Patient Registration Algorithm

Responding to popular demand, we will be making a change to the current patient addition algorithm live tomorrow morning. The current multi-parameter match to find patients already registered on the system is proving rather challenging for many back office staff, leading to duplication of patient records in some cases. A number of reasons exist for this, including misspelling of names.

We are revising this to base patient matching on just a combination of Date of Birth plus Post Code. You can also match patients using their telephone number, ClinicYou ID number and in some cases where this is associated with a patient, NHS Number.

The new method should speed up data entry in our web based EMR solution and should prevent duplication.

Please forward this email to your relevant back office staff. The change should be live start of play tomorrow.


Patient Control Of Their EHR

Patients with their health records on ClinicYou can now view relevant parts of their medical record (summary diagnoses, medications, documents and  any EMR notes that clinicians have chosen to make available to the patient). Our Christmas day update enhances the patient portal by providing a new tab called 'Medical Records'. From there, patients can view results and summary medical information and upload documents to their EMR. In addition, they can invite any clinician - they do not need to be ClinicYou users - to read and write in their medical records. ClinicYou therefore now offers a true online health vault for patients.

Web-based EHR with patient control