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Managing Clinician Leave 

ClinicYou can now handle your staff leave plans and link it automatically to your clinical activity. It is easy - just choose 'Manage Leave' from the Home menu, and the instructions on screen are self explanatory. If the chosen leave dates contain patient appointments linked to the clinician taking leave, this can be viewed and dealt with in a few clicks. Once a leave is booked, the system prevents further booking on that date.

ClinicYou Clinician Leave Management ClinicYou Clinician Leave Management


New Scheduler Release Tomorrow!

We have revamped ClinicYou scheduler. The new feature-rich offering will provide a number of benefits - from automated capacity management to clinician leave management. We are excited enough to produce a getting started manual although we know that this feature is, like rest of ClinicYou, immensely intuitive and easy to use. Please download the PDF quick-start manual below!

Scheduler Manual