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Find Your Clinical Codes Easily

We are pleased to announce the release of a new UI enhancement on ClinicYou web based EMR. We developed this in response to user feedback that many medical specialty users will have a large number of 'favourite' diagnoses and drugs, and scrolling through them to find the right code is often difficult. Now, you can click in the search field and type a few letters, and ClinicYou will search your favourites and autosuggest possible matches. From here, getting your SNOMED codes into the medical record is just a click away. Of course if the system does not see a match in the favourites list, you can hit return to perform a full search of the terminology database. This is another welcome addition to an already very easy to use and intuitive web-based practice management system.

web-based EMR UI web-based EMR UI

Of course for some clinicians having large amounts of codes in the favourites list is not an issue, so you can still scroll to the right one and click to add to your clerking list as before anyway.