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Exciting New Things To Do

As most people are settling back into their lives and embracing the New Year,  we have been planning and developing some exciting new things.

Although very intuitive, we recognise that some key parts of our flagship medical information system (EMR)  - like its messaging, to do, clinic scheduling etc., out could well improve. Here at ClinicYou, we strive to achieve the best possible user experience in an EMR software currently available. We are therefore working on changing how we handle these. 

Our solution, which will make the pages less cluttered and load faster, is to replace the exisitng interface with a task bar (or perhaps a task strip is a better term) which will remain hidden from view when not needed and will give you quick and easy access to all these key features. Parts of this development are currently test ready and we hope to deploy this soon.

Stay tuned for this and other features related to usability and user experience in the near future.